The Office

The Office


Just moved to Yorktown Virginia after living 35 years in San Juan Puerto Rico where i was born and obviously raised lol. Its been quite a ride i have to say. Once i moved we realized our household good wouldn't arrive till a few weeks after we got to our house. I had packed all my business stuff in a suitcase .I make jewelry so the entire inventory, machines, materials and other stuff all fit in two large suitcases which is awesome now that im married to an amazing coastie and we will be moving every 2-4 years from now on. Any who.. i needed "temporary" and i say it like that because... oh well you'll see at the end of this blog haha. I needed temporary furniture to work until my furniture would get delivered to me. We were originally looking for a 4 bedroom house, a bedroom for each one of my kids (tw0), one bedroom for us and one for my workshop/office. Unfortunately we had a hard time finding a house, for some reason they were flying...before we had a chance to se the house or put an offer someone had already gotten it. So when we finally found a good house and available we took it immediately! So we got a 3 bedroom house leaving me kinda without a workshop/office. Luckily the house had a full dinning room and in the kitchen a dinning area as well.. so i took the full dinning room to set up my business there. Back to what i was saying lol...i needed a temporary table so i went to the marketplace online and found a cheap big table hutch. Let me mention that back in Puerto Rico i had three ikea desks...a Walmart plastic white shelf thingy over twenty plastic yet cute tiffany blue baskets and one of those ikea drawer organizers with the plastic bins inside. As soon as i got my solid wood black hutch desk i emptied the suitcases and all of my business stuff and to my surprise it all fit in that desk. I loved i had it all in one place and organized without the need of all those baskets. I then decided i wanted to keep my $50 desk hutch and get rid of the three ikea desks. I felt the need though to make this new hutch desk my own! The hutch was solid finished wood that needed to be sanded in order to re-paint it and i was short of time and let be honest here not in the mood for all that. I came up with the simple solution of getting black wood type contact paper to cover the brown wood top of the desk. Edges of the desk was also brown so i painted that white, and white contact paper for the front of the drawers. Knobs were kinda lame so i replaced them with black and white hand painted porcelain knobs that i got in Amazon that i absolutely LOVED. Good that you know im going through a black and white phase haha. Soon enough our household goods came in i sold all desks...its funny cause i thought i had the most amazing set up back in Puerto Rico which clearly i didn't ..and interesting fact about me i like to find the good in situations that i go through so i can say im glad this all happened it pushed me to find a passion i had hidden within me which is refurbishing and to see potential in things that may for others may be trash. Not to mention the fun in finding design solutions for this desk.

Design Solutions:

-Got 3M hooks at the dollar store and wood stick at the craft store. So i no longer have all my nylon spools all jammed in that ikea organizer drawer. I placed them all very neatly and accessible on the wood stick in the backdrop of the desk. And chains! I placed those too there.


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